Consciously balancing life’s curve balls

“Train your mind to see the good in everything. Positivity is a choice. The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thought” -unknown

 I truly believe that the quality of our thoughts, and our attitudes can dramatically influence the outcomes of our lives.  I consume content on positivity, productivity, self-development, and the biology of our brains like I consume air.   There is so much power in understanding how our brains work, and how we have the incredible ability to use it as a tool to squeeze the most value out of life.  That is- there is power in understanding, if we use and apply that understanding in our every day lives.  I have researched and studied many topics from experts ranging from the biochemistry of how the brain communicates emotions, the evolution of our thought patterns, the influence of our experiences growing up, deeper spiritual exercises on mindfulness, and rewiring our brains to change our perspectives and productivity through the power of habit.  I have put this knowledge into practice every day and have seen it benefit my life in all aspects:  my career is on fire, my personal relationships (engagement, friends, family) are fulfilling, my health and fitness goals are easily achieved, and even my spending habits are curbed to develop wealth.  It is a continual growth practice, and I am dedicated to always learning more ways to make the most out of my short time on our planet.  My only wish is to share a little bit of insight on my findings with you, who have found my website.

May your life be filled with happiness and prosperity, even when it challenges you.