Working toward a more balanced perception of reality


Sidney is a passionate communicator who has a vision of a world filled with global citizens, who are immune from the anxieties of judgement and self-comparison, and able to exercise their unique gifts to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges.  Her philosophy is that to most successfully foster such an environment, there needs to be a global shift toward a more positive lens on life. Practicing balanced positivity frees up emotional and creative energy that is typically used up on dwelling in negativity, and can instead be focused on solutions.   And so, she seeks to bring more balance in how our realities are perceived.

Online Presence- Utilizing the power of speedy connection

We are living in the most exciting, and advanced state of globalization & connectedness. It is estimated that by 2020 the number of smartphone users will reach 2.5 billion!  Which means more than ever, we quite literally hold the world at our fingertips.  But with great power comes great responsibility.  And there is an on-going battle for attention on the information that gets to consumers.  It’s all to often that the news that gets spread most quickly by mass media is that which has a negative lens.  There is a biochemical basis as to why negative information gets consumed so readily, which comes down to basic survival mechanisms in our evolution- but, thankfully, we have the power to filter what we believe & consume, with practice.

To facilitate this practice, Sidney balances the mainstream negative news with exciting, relevant, truthful and positive news of progress people are making all over the world to make our planet a better place.  She does this through her podcast, video series, and other digital channels to reach the masses.

Coaching Services- Conquering fear, one person at a time

Sidney runs a coaching business for professionals who are serious about changing the biochemical patterns of their brains in order to free-up creative power & productivity in their personal and work lives.  Her program spans 3 months and provides a practical means to stop the negativity “habit”, develop a more balanced approach to a situation, and muster up the power & creativity to execute on a strategy to improve a situation.

In addition to her coaching service, she presents and speaks in local communities, at conferences and workshops for businesses on the science of positivity with the aim to release creative freedom and productivity, toward more innovative solutions.

Published book- Using the written word to spread a little light

Sidney has published a book on the topic of mastering the biochemistry you were born with in order to better control your emotions and perception of reality.  She draws from her own experiences in overcoming debilitating panic disorder & learning to listen to herself without judgement and comparison, she includes testimonies & stories from her clients’ lives, and  incorporates interviews from experts in the field for real strategies to change your outlook on life and start really living.